This project started out with my husband cleaning out his garage.
He brought me a box full of stir/paint sticks and asked if I wanted them.

Here is what I made with them~

An ombre picture frame, and I will show you how you
can too.

 Cut the stir sticks to the correct lengths.
You will need long pieces, as well as short pieces for the middle.
Then you will need a unfinished wood frame. 
This one I got at Michaels craft store.
 Here are the short pieces for the middle, they will go on either side of the opening.
 Lay everything out on your frame before you go any further.
This way you can make any adjustments before gluing down.
 I decided to go with pinks for Valentine's day, but you could do any color combination.
 For the ombre affect, start with a light colored paint and gradually make it darker and darker.
I started with white, then added a light pink, then
 I just started adding hot pink as I worked my way down.
 Set the sticks aside to dry.
 While they are drying, you can paint the sides of your frame.
 For the next step you will need wood glue and a disposable brush.
 Once everything has dried, you can brush wood glue all over your frame.
 Start applying your painted wood pieces as you had it laid out in the beginning.
 Place heavy objects on top and let dry thorougly.
 Add a picture to the center and you are done!