I have been neglecting my etsy shop long enough.

So today I am excited to announce a new line of pillows with some of my favorite saying on them!

I teamed up with a screen print artist to bring you pillows that are not only machine washable, but durable, and will stand the test of time. 

Each one is 20"x20" and has a zipper closure. 
They look great grouped together, but are neutral enough to be  thrown in with others. 

Please stop by my etsy shop here to check them out, I have a limited number to start with.

To start with, I have a grey pillow with white lettering that reads,
"I love you more, xoxo"

My kids and I always say this to each other :)

Next up is a crisp white pillow slip with bold black type. 
It reads, "if there was ever a day when we can't be together,
 keep me in your heart, I'll love you forever."

And finally, a little reminder, 
love you, love you, love you…………

~And some of them all together~

 The ticking pillow is from 

Happy Friday friends!