We are on week 4 and my kitchen looks like this:

I went to take the back splash off……

It went well for about a minute.
Then big chunks of drywall started coming out which, long story short, had me removing it all.

That's the bad news. 

The good news is that we are able now to add new outlets, and have them all straight!
{they were not level before and it drove me crazy}
I got my new sconces hung.

 I also got the upper cabinets painted.
I used Annie Sloan in old white and just slightly distressed them and opted not to use the dark wax, only the clear.

 It's a subtle difference but you can tell by the photo below how yellow my old cabinets are next to the new"old white."

And tonight I am attempting to rip up the old granite tile counter top.

The measurements were taken last week and the new marble will be installed on Friday!

So, to sum up the last week:

I got the upper cabinets painted, in one day I might add.

I hung two sconces and didn't electrocute myself.

I took out the old back splash and only cursed 2 356 times.

The marble company came out and did a template for the new counter.

My new roman shades arrived but I have yet to open the box
 because it is such a dusty wet paint mess in here!

Between now and next week I hope to have the island lights put together and hung, have the skylight patched and sanded, have at least the lower cabinets painted, have the new counter tops in, have new drywall in, in order to prepare for the new back splash, and if I drink enough Red Bull, I might even be able to paint the island. 

But don't hold your breath.

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