I am so excited to be participating in this challenge this year.
Every blogger involved is uber talented and I am a bit nervous that I won't live up to the expectations everyone may have.
Thanks to Linda for believing in me! 

Like I mentioned before, I was going to renovate our basement. However, it started taking on water when the rain started and didn't want to stop.

So every Wednesday for the next 3 weeks, myself and these other talented bloggers will be taking you along on the transformation of one room.

Would you like to know which room I am going to makeover?

Our kitchen!

Ok, I don't hate our kitchen, however, it has it's issues, which I will get too.

Those black pantry doors with the numbers….
I'm over the numbers and the black shows dust like crazy.
I am also over that chalkboard wall.
Time for a cleaner look.
And that niche below will be getting transformed as well.

 I will be leaving the wording I painted in the skylight, that's one thing I still love.
But that light fixture has got to go!
What was I thinking?

While I love, love, love my bar stool cushions a dear friend of mine made, they have faded and gotten very dingy over time and are in need of replacing.

 Another thing I am tired of is the wall color.
Behr's Teepee Brown is no longer.
In fact I have already painted most of the kitchen with Ben Moore's 
Revere Pewter. It looks so much larger!
 New window treatments will be coming in, and HOPEFULLY new 
counter tops on the L shaped sink area.
However, I don't know if that will happen in the short time frame we have.
Crossing my fingers on that one.
 Another thing will be freshening up the paint on the cabinets.
It's a major undertaking but the sealer I used on them last time has yellowed and I am hating the color.

Oh, and did I mention we need a new dishwasher, oven, and I'd really like to add a gas cook top to that island! Ya know, small things.
6 weeks huh?……..

It may look pretty in the pictures, but let me just point out the things that aren't so pretty.
The things that I try to hide in blog photos!

For example:
This awkward plug in squished up against the fridge and the cover keeps popping off.
You can see the new wall color here.
 Remember when under the counter cd players were cool?
This one doesn't even work anymore.
Oh, and you can see my cream, I mean yellow cabinets there.
 Something else I never finished when I did the back splash.
Oops, meant to get to that about a year ago.
 Once upon a time our skylight leaked.
We fixed the leak and patched it up.
The end.
Never finished that off.
 And the lovely 12x12 granite tiles that were put in about 16 years ago.
Oh how I would really like to see marble here.
Anyone want to loan me a small fortune?
 And this is what happens when you stain your own floor then get 
2 large labs running through constantly.
 And while these sconces aren't horrible, 
the black shades are dated, not to mention dusty and boring.

Without giving too much away, here are a few elements that will be added to the room:

And that's all you get for now.
Be sure to check back next Wednesday for updates!

I will be gone the next few days with my son at 5th grade camp. 
I'll be back this weekend…..I hope.