Remember this picture of the wallpaper sample that I will be using in our kitchen niche?

Well, it was just that, a sample.

What is one to do with a sample of wallpaper?
Well, you could turn it into a decorative picture frame right?

Pick up one of these.
It doesn't have to be this exact one, it's just the one that I used.

You will want to stain or paint the sides and the back of the unfinished frame.
You can also use Annie Sloan dark wax instead for a quick drying project if you are in a hurry.

Then, flip it over and trace with a pencil onto the wallpaper.
Make sure you trace around the inside opening too.

You could also use paper or fabric for this.

Cut out the paper on the lines but it doesn't have to be perfect.

Apply a thin layer of mod podge over the front of the frame and lay the paper on top.
Quickly and carefully smooth out any air bubbles.
 I like to also use a sanding block to smooth out any bubbles.

If your edges don't line up perfectly, just sand the paper right off.

After I was done I added a little dark wax around the edges to give it a more finished look.

 That's it! 
Print out a photo or use one you already have.