I am so excited to be hosting my first ever blog hop!
I have picked 7 bloggers, myself included, to share with you 
some fabulous do it yourself ideas for your 4th of July.

I am first up and am going to show you how to make this inexpensive no sew flag banner!

Here is what you will need:

Fabric glue
bias tape {or ribbon} in your choice of color
flags from the dollar store
blue painters tape

You will need to slip off the flags from the plastic poles.
You can toss these as you will not be needing them.

On a long work surface lay out your flags.
Since I did this outside, I weighed mine down with pots so they wouldn't fly away on me.

Next you want to glue the bias tape {or ribbon} to the top of the flags.
The bias tape I used had a double fold, so I had to glue the fold shut as well.
To secure it while it dries, use pieces of painters tape.

The instructions on the glue says to let dry for approx. 4 hours. 
I waited about 7, as mine was still wet after 4.

Once dry you can remove the tape and hang anywhere you like!

This is a super simple project that will make a big impact for your 4th of July decor!

To see what my friend Karianne is up to, head on over to her blog at