I need a bumper sticker that says,
"Stops for free junk"

Because I do.
I see a free sign and my foot hits that brake so fast.
Remember this table I got for free?

Well, this time it was a pile of wood boxes in all sorts of lengths. 
They had faux grass in them.
{which I scooped up for another project}

Here is what they look like:

I thought this had a good shape for a planter box but wanted to do something besides paint it.
So, I striped it, with duct tape.
Going for the "cabana stripe" look, I alternated black and white tape, up one side, over the top, and down the 3rd side.

About every 4 pieces, I cut down the center and tucked the extra down on the inside.

Here it is all covered in the tape. 

And here it is on our outdoor table all planted up with white geraniums and trailing flowers. 

 Such a simple project.
Now I have about 5 more boxes to go…..