If you follow me on instagram, you know the story.
If not, I'll fill you in in a nutshell.
My recently single sister just bought her first home on her own.
I am so proud of her.
It's tiny, around 1000 square feet, but perfect for her and her 2 young kids. 
It's a 1920's farmhouse with a huge yard and amazing view. 

2 days after she got the keys she left for a vacation for Mexico. The day after she returned she would be starting back up to work.
{she teaches 2nd grade}
So, as a housewarming gift, and surprise, my mom and I got the keys and went in while she was on vacation, painted the whole place, and decorated it.

There is still more to do, but here is what we got done in the week she was away.
{before pictures coming soon!}

The kids share a room for now. 
We bought the bedding at Ikea.
Everything else was gifted to her.

For her sons night table I covered a thrift store bench in cream grain sack and painted the legs white. 
I filled a old crate with toys.

I like that the bedding matches in pattern, but not in color.

The dining room features this great canvas that I found at a local craft store marked down from $174 to $30!!! It's huge and I couldn't leave without it. It may be my favorite thing.
A old milk crate holds glasses and bottles of water.

A friend gave me this giant frame and all it needed was a little spray paint.
I left it blank so she can decorate it however she likes.
The dresser came from my house and will serve as much needed storage.

My mom and I searched everywhere for a round table and I happen to stumble across this one at the last minute. I had to re-read the price tag several times before I realized that yes, it said $14.99!
I got a bunch of mix matched vintage {but sturdy} chairs at M and M antiques in Monroe Wa, a must see store if you live in the area.

I painted the dining room Fieldstone by Ben Moore.

I set the table with white ironstone and flowers from the farmers market.
The ironstone was a thrift shop find as well.
I still can't get over that the whole set up only cost a little over $125.00!

Her backyard has fruit trees galore, so as a nod to her being a teacher, I picked some branches off one of the apple trees and decorated with books.

The living room was painted the custom grey green I used in my kitchen on the island and pantry doors.
I made the life is good sign and the frames.
My mom scored the giant bench at a thrift store and it holds the kids toys.

My dad even got involved.
He came over and mowed her lawn and brought his old picnic table and umbrella for her.

Her backyard is the best.
It's like a football field and at the end there is flower fields for miles and behind that a walking trail.
I saw deer grazing and the neighbors chickens would come visit me everyday.
So peaceful and beautiful.

As more progress is made I will be updating you.
We were able to be there when she came home from vacation to see her reaction. 
She loved it and we were so happy to be able to do this for her.