If you want a zebra hide rug but don't want to spend $2,000.00, read on.
This version will set you back about $15.00.
You will need:

drop cloth {you an make 2 out of this $30.00 one}
White paint and black paint
a pencil.

Let's start with an after picture:

Alright, get out that drop cloth and lay it {folded in 2} on a flat surface.
When you paint it, the paint will seep through so make sure you have a tarp down, or garbage bags taped together like I did.

To get the correct shape I traced my real zebra rug onto the fabric using a pencil.
This is something you could totally eyeball, or if you have a cowhide, that would work too.

Iron the whole thing.

Next,  using a roller, roll on a thick coat of white paint. 
Any white will do.
I had White Dove left over from my kitchen cabinets so I used that.
Wait for it to dry and paint one more coat.

Let dry overnight.

Painting on the stripes might seem intimidating, but it's really quite simple if you have something to reference too.
I would suggest printing out a picture off the Internet of a real zebra hide.
If you don't feel comfortable painting it on freehand, you can always pencil it in first.

I put the black paint on pretty thick as well.
After you are done, let dry for a few hours and then seal it with a polyurethane in a matte finish.
{unless you would like it to be shiny}

That's it!
 Stand back and admire your art and pat yourself on the back because you just saved a little under $2,000.00.

Now, I am off to paint the other one.