This is one of the most simple and inexpensive projects.

While at the grocery store the other day I noticed their Halloween card section.
Some of the cards were actually quite cool, so I bought a few with this in project in mind.
There is so many different variations you could do for this, but here is how I made mine.

I bought the skeleton card and cut the front off of it.
{just to make it not so bulky}
Then I taped it onto the center of a old piece music paper, which I then taped onto a piece of larger black card stock.

Put the whole thing in a frame and you are done!
I actually went to the craft store and bought a bunch of fun Halloween scrapbooking papers, but in the end liked the simplicity of the aged music sheet.

And here is a tip:
The Dollar Tree has greeting cards, 2 for a dollar.
Most scrapbooking paper is around $1, and if you have a frame on hand, this project can be done for anywhere between $2 and $5.