This project has taught me patience! If you remember we had to strip all the old wallpaper off the walls, to the original plaster,  before they could be skim coated. They had to be primed before painting. Keeping cost in mind, I chose Sherwin Williams, Kilm Beige, for all walls, but the bathroom. The trim is white and the ceilings are Shell White.

Water leak under the window in this room
The cabinets have been a problem. It has taken a long time to strip them. They had four coats of lead based paint on them that had to be removed. We are now ready to begin painting and tile work.

Before- yikes! 
This was the first unexpected item. You may remember that these walls had sheet rock over bad plaster that had had a leak. We took this room down to the studs to achieve a better finish. 
The former floor furnace hole- yuck!
The hole has been patched in and is ready to be finished with the other flooring.

Pet Stains
Pet stains are being sanded and seem to be coming out of the wood fairly well. The flooring throughout the house is Red Oak. The floors are being refinished this week; I'm so excited! The kitchen is the main item that is left to complete. It's been almost three months of renovating and updating.
Thanks for your support throughout this process! You are the best!