So many of you have emailed me about updates on the renovation. Thank you for your kind emails!  I haven't been posting a lot because I thought you might be tired of seeing construction projects. Well, here goes! 
Wow, can you say, "dust"?  Whew, what a mess! This duplex was built in 1940 with plastered walls. The walls had cracks from settling and use throughout the years.  A tenant painted the walls bright yellow. Everywhere you see white required a  repair. All the new thermal pane windows have been installed-16 on this side.  
You know when you delve into and older home there may be some additional  surprises. We have been blessed that this has been our only major surprise and extra expense ($750). The management company repaired plaster by adding sheetrock over it in this bathroom. Unfortunately, the roof leak that caused the problem wasn't repaired correctly. The plaster disintegrated and then disintegrated the sheetrock. We had to rip the walls down to the original studs and add new sheetrock. Below is a photo of the disintegrating walls. 
Sorry for the poor quality of this photo- my contractor sent this so me in a text message. 
Remember this home is almost 75 years old and we are mitigating lead base paint. We had to strip two coats of wallpaper and paint, from the walls, down to the original plastered walls before we could make the repairs. This is the guest bedroom. Notice no more window unit where the water stain is!!! The central heat and air has been installed and is working well.

The master bedroom with repairs- 
A previous tenant had covered this area under the steps and by the powder room with purple contact paper! I was speechless when I saw it. I knew it would be a bear to take the contact paper off, so I had the contractor make a mini mudroom here and cover it up.  Here is a link to some additional before photos. 
This is another text photo, sorry. The rotten subflooring has been replaced and the water heater has been removed.  The photo below is a reminder of what this area looked like originally. We cut out the drawers for a dishwasher (where the hole and tools are). We added the drawers back and built cabinets above on the blank wall for extra storage. I really want to keep as many of the original things that I can, so we matched the older cabinets. They will be painted,new pulls will be added and tile, etc. 
This wall will have the stove and a built in hood vent with microwave. We had to fur the walls down to match the existing cabinets before we could add the new cabinets here.

The screen porch is now a laundry room. We'll add Hardee plank here and not try to match the brick.
The front porch had rotten wood from a roof leak. The rotten boards have been replace and the railing has been reworked to look like the original railing. Pinch me; I'm so excited!
This has taken several months because we upgraded the electrical system and plumbing. Central heat and air was also installed. When we began I had planned to update this side and the garage apartment. After much thought we have decided to update the other side too.
 Here's a peak at what I saw that convinced me to do both sides.

 Water is leaking from the refrigerator and running across the kitchen floor. Major yuck! Obviously, this has been going on a long time!
Thank you for stopping by and following along on this journey with me! 
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